di.OZ Jewelry is the Spanish brand of contemporary jewelry design.
Today di.OZ Jewelry, it is primarily a concept of diversity. The collection of di.OZ is always the study of a new aesthetics. We explore new worlds, we use different visual aesthetic methods each time. Each new di.OZ collection is a surprise!
Our collections are successfully exhibited in iconic museums and galleries:
- Moscow State History Museum based on Red square 1

Exhibition "Handsome man" Collection Men's Power

- The British Higher School of Design
Exhibition "180" Collection Paris - Yestarday, today, tomorrow
- Milan (Italy) Artistar Jewels connected with Milan Fashion Week February 2018

Collection El Diamante, Paris - Yestarday, today, tomorrow.
- Bruxell (Netherlands) ICKX Contemporary Jewelry

Collection Paris - Yestarday, today, tomorrow.
- Athens (Greece) Eleni Coroneou Gallery

Collection Paris - Yestarday, today, tomorrow.

di.OZ Jewelry is one of the winners of the international competition of jewelry designers held in Milan in 2018 Artistar
We make only capsule jewelry collections.
Our products are made by hand by the best craftsmen in Spain on the Costa Blanca.
All jewelry collections are developed only by our designer Olesya Zakharova.
Each product is processed technologically in our own jewelry laboratory di.OZ Jewelry Work Shop, then passes the final approval, and recovers into production.
We work with precious metals in silver, gold, precious and synthetic stones, non-traditional materials.
Each di.OZ piece is unique, and has its own identification number and quality certificate.
In our laboratory, we constantly test something new, we use only advanced technologies, so that you will always be interesting to us!
Welcome in our world!

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