El Diamante, in Spanish, means - Diamond. Geometric jewelry have recently become a trend. And this collection reflects the entire modernity of the world fashion, in the simplicity and laconicism of its lines, in the light, airy and structural transparency of the reflection of all 57 facets of Brilliant. To create this collection, the designer took a huge amount of time, to create the finest details of the volume of a diamond in a metal is not easy.


The collection is conditionally divided into two parts;
- The first part is an exact three-dimensional copy of the diamond which is presented in the form of an El Diamante Solo ring, three-finger rings, a necklace and a mono-earring.
- The second part of the collection is a game of planes, the products consist of two parts, the top part is the so-called "crown" of the diamond translated into the plane, and the lower part is the so-called "pavilion" of the diamond, also translated into a plane, fastened together by thin metal pins symbolizing girdle of a diamond. In this part are presented: Ring, earrings-pouches, brooch, necklace, and two kinds of bracelets.


The collection is made from 925 silver with natural diamonds of different sizes depending on the jewelry.

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