Nereids - in Greek mythology, sea deities, nymphs, daughters Nereus and Dorides.
Nereids - personified properties and qualities of the sea element, there are 51 of them.
The collection consists of 4 products, each of which personifies one marine nymph.
Panopea is one of the most beautiful Nereids. She was worshiped and called upon by the sailors when the storm raged.
Amphitrite is the most famous of the Nereid. Spouse Poseidon, commanding the sea element, moving on a huge chariot on the waves.
Fetida - Militant and passionate.
She was longed for by Zeus, long pursued in an attempt to conquer and make his wife. She married the mortal King Peleus, and gave birth to the legendary Achilles. The only one from Nereid who could turn from water into fire.
Galatea is the daughter of Nereus and Dorida, the personification of calm sea water. She turned her lover into the current river.
The collection of Nereid - is exclusive for today. It uses the most sophisticated technology of introducing a precious metal with diamonds into a special molded molding.
The jewelry are made from plastic Biresin G27, silver 925. Covered with white or black rhodium. Gems: Diamonds, Sapphires, Topazes, Cubic Zirconia.

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