Amfitrite kaff

690 €
Amfitrite is the wife of Poseidon, one of 50 Nereid.

When she knew about Poseidon's desire to take her as his wife, she fled to Atlanta, where she was caught (or persuaded) by the Poseidon sent dolphin and took him to his lord ..

As a sea goddess, she was often portrayed seated next to her husband in a chariot drawn by sea horses or newts, or riding a newt.

Amfitrite was worshiped on a par with Poseidon, and it was erected statues, for example, in the temple on the island of Tenos.

Cuff is made using a new technology, a combination of plastic and metal casting.

Plastic, Silver 925, Rhodium plating, natural diamonds.
Cuff for one ear.
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